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Is my machine scrap?

If you think your washing machine might be scrap it may be worth discussing the symptoms with me.


The most common causes of washing machine failure are foreign bodies, such as coins, left in the machine. Other more expensive and more terminal failures can often be diagnosed over the phone.

Some parts prove difficult to get and if I have ordered a part for your appliance and you have not heard from me, please ring me again to see if I have already got them. If you get my answerphone, leave a message with the details and your phone number and I will return your call.

Parts ordered for customers

If you require just parts, rather than a repair from me, these are available from specialist shops such as Atkins and Barker of Albany Rd, Earlsdon, Coventry.

Spare parts only

Having problems with

your domestic appliances?

Usually it will only be important to know the exact model number of your machine when it is necessary to order parts. Model numbers differ from one manufacturer to another and in where they are placed on the machine. Often the model number on the fascia is incomplete and this can even be just a marketing name, different from the real number placed elsewhere on the machine.


Washing machines –  

* on a label inside the door

* on the inside of the flap over the filter at the bottom of the cabinet

* on the back

* LG machines sometimes have it on a label on the right hand side of the cabinet


Tumble dryers –

* inside the door

* on the back of the machine


Dishwashers –

* a label down the left or right inside edge of the door

* on the back

* some Bosch dishwashers have it engraved onto the top of the inner stainless steel part of the door (this can be very difficult to see!)


Electric cookers –

* down the inner edge of the door

* down the inner side edge of the front part of the cabinet

* along the bottom edge of the cabinet inside the door

* nearly always on the back of the cooker

Model numbers - where are they?

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