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Washing machine repair

Work History

I began working on domestic appliances about 45 years ago, when I worked on Gas Conversion. This was when the gas board converted all gas appliances in the UK from town gas, which was manufactured from coal, to natural gas which was then coming on stream from the North Sea.


After three years I moved to Servis Domestic Appliances, the first manufacturers of electric washing machines in the UK. I spent the next seventeen years as a service engineer, servicing their washing machines, tumble dryers, spin dryers, dishwashers and storage heaters.


About 25 years ago the company went into receivership and since then I have been self-employed. I do not employ anyone else.

Books, playing the violin and guitar and teaching fencing.


My own appliances are -

Washing machine – Servis 25 years old

Tumble Dryer – Servis 25 years old

Dishwasher – Servis 40+ years old


Other interests include:

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David McInnes

David McInnes